PeopleGro: A branding case study

PeopleGro: A branding case study

Learning and Performance Systems is an organizational catalyst that delivers cutting edge results-focused learning to municipal, county and state government agencies, non-profits, educational institutes, and contractors / consultants working with those entities. The firm’s partners realized that there was a disconnect between the message that they wanted to communicate and what the audience was actually hearing.

As a two-person company with partners who work directly with its clients in setting up programs and activities that help individuals and teams work better together, Learning and Performance Systems had difficulty attracting new business with their existing marketing model.

Throughout all of its marketing efforts, Learning and Performance Systems never established a unique brand position or corporate identity. The name itself lacked equity and the introduction of secondary name, PeopleGro, added to the inconsistency.

Marketing materials were quickly created in order to address immediate needs rather than systematically designed with a consistent look and feel. Furthermore, the written message was extremely technical and didn’t associate with the partners’ passion for their work and the personality that is revealed when they are face to face with their clients.

How was Learning and Performance Systems going to appear more friendly, energetic and innovative and stand out from its competition? While the firm’s partners realized these challenges needed to be addressed, they understood that, with their focus on the business and their expertise, they were likely incapable of making a drastic creative change within their own company without the assistance of a professional branding consultant.

After surveying their external audience, SOZO | Pivotal created a branding strategy and corporate identity program that better aligned the company with its broad-range business goals. The creation of a creative brief and tone of voice that better aligned with the message that its audience wanted to hear was the basis for implementing a brand strategy that would work as effectively today as well as in the future of the company.

By studying the survey results SOZO | Pivotal identified two unique audiences. The first audience was the upper management hiring PeopleGro. The other audience involved the people and teams that PeopleGro would be assisting. These people weren’t so much the consumer, but the beneficiary. Group one was more interested in their bottom line. What was the ROI for this activity. The second group needed to feel comfortable opening up to this company so they could grow personally and within the organization.

SOZO | Pivotal recommended that from this point forward the company would officially be named PeopleGro and a dynamic icon was created to associate with the company name and connect to the primary objective and proposed tagline—When people grow, companies grow. The icon effectively addresses and communicates to both audiences and symbolizes that an organization’s people are at the center of its growth and success.

The selection of a vibrant and energetic color palette and use of highly legible and aesthetically-pleasing typefaces allowed PeopleGro to visually differentiate itself from its competition. The creative was now in line with the firm’s true personality and most importantly with the passion, energy and excitement of its founders.

A new tone of voice was written to give the client a better understanding internally of how they want to be perceived by their audience. SOZO | Pivotal is currently working on the re-design and messaging for a new website.


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