We, or at least I, love it!

We, or at least I, love it!

Here’s a branding campaign that we all can appreciate. At least I think so. This is the new identity of the We Campaign—a project of Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection.

Personally, I think it’s outstanding and simple—a combination that is so rarely achieved whether it’s in identity design or a Fourth of July BBQ. That reflective “m” is so irritatingly perfect. You read it as “we,” but you see an upside down “m” and think of me. It takes you through an entire thought process.

The name is great and the logo is brilliant. “We” says it all. The litmus test of this solid brand identity is the fact that you can almost summarize what the organization is all about by just hearing three key words—Al, Gore, We.

Enough said. It’s a winner from every angle. We can’t stop praising it…or is it just me all turned around?


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