SOZO | Pivotal Day 2009

SOZO | Pivotal Day 2009

Four years ago today Kimberly Leclercq and I officially formed SOZO | Pivotal and it’s been a fun, exciting and challenging 1,461 days.

It’s amazing what can happen during a span of 48 short months, but we’re excited about the next 48…that’s for sure.

We’d like to thank all of our clients, friends, associates, partners and employees for all of their support. Prior to forming SOZO | Pivotal, Kimberly and I had both run our own companies—her’s SOZO and mine Pivotal—which we had started back at the turn of the century. So actually, we’re both celebrating 10 years as business owners.

You’re probably thinking four years isn’t all that much of a milestone, but screw it, we’re excited! We feel this four-year mark is even more notable not because so many businesses and partnerships fail to make it this far, but because we know we’re just getting into a groove! The next four years are really going to be something special…stay tuned!


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