Creating a portfolio is impossible

Creating a portfolio is impossible

Four years ago Kimberly Leclercq and I started SOZO | Pivotal. Along with that exciting new beginning came the responsibility of creating a new website full of information and project work to showcase that we really did know what we were doing.

The information part was easy. We are never at a loss of words when it comes to talking about what we do. However, the online portfolio has been a thorn in our sides for a long time. After a year or two we finally got a bunch of screen shots up there showing corporate identity work, screenshots of websites and photographs of printed materials. The problem was that it just didn’t do the work justice.

Sure, it looked great, but there’s so much more to our work than just what you see. An online portfolio is a must for people who solely practice graphic design, printing, photography or website design. But us showing a logo or a brochure design is akin to showing just the answer to a long and difficult calculus problem.

We all remember the excitement in 7th grade when we realized the math answers were in the back of the book. That thrill was dampened when the teacher wanted to see our work to know that we truly understood the problem.

The same can be said for what we do at SOZO | Pivotal. We provide answers to our clients through the use of a wide variety of tools, but it’s the strategy and creative thinking that guides us to the right solution.

So you can see why showing images of our work just doesn’t tell the whole story. Nonetheless we’re excited to have finally figured out a way to capture our process — from strategy to design. The hardest thing for us was getting the term portfolio out of our heads. All we saw was a nicely cataloged booklet of fancy artwork and nice photography. Clearly that was not the right approach in communicating and illustrating what we do as SOZO | Pivotal. Please take a moment to look at our new website and some of the relationships we have with our clients (or as we like to refer to them, our friends). Also, please take a gander at the Beyond Strategy section. Here is where we take a closer look at individual client projects that are the results of clearly developed brand strategy.

It all makes perfect sense to us…finally. We hope that you find it just as informative. If you ever have any questions about the work that we’ve done with our clients or how we can apply what we do to your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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