Celebrity Sponsorships Have Never Made Sense to Me

Celebrity Sponsorships Have Never Made Sense to Me

What if all this media hysteria surrounding Tiger Woods isn’t necessarily true? What if it was a Buick Enclave that bumped into the tree and fire hydrant? And what if it all happened while he was trying to drive, shave with a Gillette razor and talk on his cell phone using AT&T minutes?

What a great way to promote your product using a celebrity frontman!

The sidebar to all this craziness has been what this will mean for Woods’ endorsement deals? My question, is why do companies tie their brands to celebrities — with good or bad reputations — in the first place?

Some endorsement deals do make perfect sense. I can understand why Titleist and Nike would associate with the best golfer in the world. Whether it’s valid or not, who doesn’t want to use a golf ball that’s played by the best golfer in the world—even though it’s not going to change your game one bit. And if I stretch my imagination and realize how celebrity-crazed our society is I can see why the consumer may hold Gillette top-of-mind when they see Woods holding a Mach3.

But Accenture and AT&T? I don’t understand those. What exactly does Woods know about business consulting or wireless plans? It’s a lot of money thrown at a name — regardless of all that unfolded this past week. As far as I’m concerned, it’s more a waste of money than a lot of money.

To me, using a celebrity to pitch your product is lazy. Throwing a ton of money at a problem lacks about as much creativity as a company that regurgitates the “Got Milk” of I (heart) NY” campaigns for their own purposes.

As you can see on Accenture’s site, Woods is still front and center with an interesting tagline: Opportunity isn’t always obvious. Hmm.



  • 1day1brand says:
    December 13, 2009 at 2:59 am

    I violently agree.

    Isn't it ironic that Accenture itself was not too long ago shamed by their part in the Enron Scandal? They changed their name with perfect timing.

    — Axle Davids

  • I totally agree with celebrity endorsements being over-rated. I've said this many times in my own head while watching a recent football game and wondering what the watch and Eli Manning have in common. In this day and age with the downed economy, there are opportunities for these uber-rich companies to give back to the communities stricken with homelessness, starvation and failing educational systems.

    Thanks for the blog post. It was well said and over due.

  • Excellent read

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