Keeping busy at SOZO / PIVOTAL

Keeping busy at SOZO / PIVOTAL

XSP& — Pronounced "expand"

While we like to keep this blog focused on current events and thoughts on marketing, branding and design, every now and again it’s good to put up some old fashioned shop talk. We hope you don’t mind this small form of self promotion…

XSP& 2.0

You may be familiar with a program we launched a few years ago called XSP&. Well, after receiving some outstanding feedback from our clients we’ve been hard at work to evolve the program to include group workshops, weekly meetings and phone conversations, lower fees and the very exciting living XSP& book. We’re putting the finishing touches on it now and look forward to launching it soon.

Does your business…

If you know anything about SOZO / PIVOTAL, you know about our tagline:  Does your business…

Over the years we’ve had a lot of fun with it and now we using it as the title to our new e-newsletter. Yes, an e-newsletter! For years, we’ve written a blog and now we’re looking to engage even further with our colleagues, clients and friends through this newsletter.

Tips. Commentary. Interviews. Promotions. SOZO / PIVOTAL news. Client News. It will all be there in the DOES YOUR BUSINESS newsletter. Please take a moment to subscribe today!


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